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Say hi to Oaty, your new stream assistant

Oaty is your new cloud based chat bot and all round streaming assistant for Glimesh and Kick. Oaty is free and is a very good boy.

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Stream better

Everything a healthy stream needs

Oaty knows a lot of tricks, and he's learning more all the time! Here's just a sample of what he can do so far.

Custom Commands

You can teach Oaty your own tricks using custom commands with our powerful command templating engine.


Keep track of funny things you or your chatters say, and recall them at any time with a quick command.

Timed & Scheduled Messages

Oaty has an impeccable sense of time, and can send messages on schedule to the millisecond.

Channel Statistics

Oaty will bring you the newspaper your chat stats whenever you request them, so you can see who the chatter boxes are!

Roles & Regulars

Tell Oaty who your friends and regulars are, and he'll treat them with the utmost respect. Fully configurable.

Customisable Chat Moderation

Oaty hates to see you upset, so you can teach him exactly what you do and don't want in your chat.

Link Moderation

Prevent users from posting ever links to keep your chat clean. Easily create one-time permits when you need them!

Emote & Symbol Spam

Encourage conversation by customising exactly how many emotes and symbols are reasonable for one message.

Channel Points & Ranking

Reward your viewers for chatting, and watch them compete to get to the top of your public leaderboard.

From the creators of Aircast.

Oaty is developed and hosted by the creators of Aircast, check it out for a next generation restreaming experience.

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